Friday, 25 February 2011

Familia Testimonials.

Bass Guitar Magazine. September 2010. UK.

"As unsung UK bass players go, they don't get much more talented than Lancashire born Simon Goulding. A solid sideman for the likes of the Bee Gees, Engelbert Humperdinck, Joe Longthorne and Rick Astley, he reveals his top notch jazz skills on his debut solo album, Familia. And it's a set bursting with sophisticated Chick Corea Elektric Band style jazz fusion with a strong undercurrent of Cuban and latin grooves, combined with some dazzling bass playing. A serious 6 string bassist, Gouldings sound is very much that of John Patitucci, with a singing solo style combined with a fizzing slap technique. Writing and programming all the tunes on the album, he also demonstrates his ability to create interlocking polyrhythms, counterpoint bass parts and shifting harmonic layers. It's this that shows the real depths of his musicianship. Even when things edge a little too close to smooth jazz on 'Galeria', Gouldings inventive ideas still make for diverting listening. Joined by trumpeter Adam Linsley, Tenorist Mat Sibley, guitarists Alan Wormald & Nik Harrison and percussionist Andy Blakeley, this is more than a one-man-show though when he does decide to cover all the bases himself, like on the cheeky funk workout 'Bass Face', he once again shows his full command of both bass and musical surroundings. Familia is an ambitious project which more than matches up to albums by many household name bassists, to which that of Simon Goulding should be added".

Musician Magazine. Autumn 2010. UK

"Hugely versatile bass ace. Originally from the Lancashire village of Coppull, Simon started playing at the age of 9 and studied at Wigan & Leigh college and Middlesex University. An established session player, he has performed with such artists as The Bee Gees, Engelbert Humperdinck, David Essex, PP Arnold and Sheila Ferguson. A published music educator who has held improvisation workshops at the university of York and Middlesborough College, he can now add this instrumental album to his extensive career credits. Simon shows even greater prowess (programming, keyboards, percussion) on this Cuban influenced set, ably supported by Adam Linsley (trumpet) and Mat Sibley (sax), his playing is precise, mature and mightily impressive across its 12 cuts of slick jazz, funk and latino-rock".

"Familia is an eclectic journey, from the very Latin to the very funky and everything in between, telling stories with different flavors textures and colors. Get on board and let Simon be your tour guide".

106.7 PBS FM
                                           MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA.

"Simon Goulding's new album "Familia" deserves more than a cursory listen. There are layers here.
First time through you might think the common thread is Goulding's exquisite musicianship and ear for rhythm (he composed all the tunes).
It's really a tour through the world of his emotions, and it's only through time spent that you can get inside the thread.
Perhaps this bears mentioning because the title cut is as engaging as one could imagine. You won't sit still. When you get to cut #4, though, you hear this pensive, not quite moody side, given to reflection shaded with a sense of wonder. When Miles Davis said, "Space," Simon Goulding was obviously listening.
It's in the rhythm where he's most at home, though, as you'll hear in Parque Central (just as an example).
For this bass player, composer, arranger and sought-after sideman, Goulding is showing us that he has an acute sense of the whole, his imagined end result, and an artistic sensibility that guides him there inexorably."


"Serious bass playing, Funky & Melodic.........Tell this guy to stay out of town"

Nathan East, Legendary session great. USA.

Featured on the Radio.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Barker Bass.

Here's how I became aware of the BVB (Barker Vertical Bass)........................

It was a couple of years ago now, I was looking at various bass guitar makers & pages on MySpace when I stumbled upon Barker Basses. I was instantly intrigued. A bass guitar played vertically?? I had seen various bass players play with there bass at almost a vertical position before, namely Carlos Del Puerto from Irakere but I'd never seen a bass like this before.

I instantly contacted Barker basses to say "Hey, nice instruments". I then received a message from Lee Barker thanking me for my interest and remained in contact with Lee throughout the passing months.

I was then approached by Lee to become an endorser of the BVB. Needless to say I jumped at the opportunity. The Barker I play is a Custom B1 5 string Fretless.
Here is the spec....

Ebony Fingerboard, Cherry & Alder chambered body, Gotoh tuners, Seymour Duncan J bass style passive electronics, Rotosound nylon tru bass strings.

Check out these exquisite handmade instruments by Lee Barker of Redmond, Oregon, USA at.

New Studio Album 'FAMILIA'

The studio album 'Familia' is available now.

The album was recorded at my studio (SGM) during 2009 & early 2010. It was released in April 2010 to critical acclaim. Reviews have appeared in Bass Guitar Magazine, Musician Magazine, Latin Jazz Corner. It has and continues to be featured on 'Fiesta Jazz' on PBS FM Melbourne, Australia, 'Rumba y Son' Radio Planicie, Lima, Peru, 'Jazz on 3' BBC Radio 3, UK, WEMU, Michigan USA, VID 90.3 'Gala Jazz' in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

The album features a stellar cast of musicians.

Simon Goulding, 4 & 6 String basses, EUB (electric upright bass), Keyboards, Drum & Synth programing, Percussion.
Adam Linsley, Trumpet & Flugel Horn.
Mat Sibley, Tenor Saxophone.
Alan Wormald, Guitar.
Nick Harrison, Guitar.
Andy Blakeley, Timbales.

Buy the album NOW from CD BABY, iTUNES, AMAZON, eMUSIC.

Physical copies can be bought at