Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Taurus Bass Amplification & Pedals.

Hey All.

It's been a while since my last blog due to the fact that I've been touring with the Temptations for the past 2 months and trying to finish my 2nd solo album.

All seems to be coming together very well indeed.

Earlier in the year I was approached by a great new company over in Poland called Taurus.

Tito Dalmedo & myself had been in touch with them when finding onboard pre amps for the SG signature bass. We installed the Taurus TM1. Which consisted of master volume, blend, bass, treble and a punch switch. Sounds truly awesome.

Taurus asked me to consider joining their list of endorsees. I jumped at the opportunity. After liaising with Anna & Bruce at The Bass Barn UK I chose my perfect bass rig.

This consists of,

The Taurus Qube 450.

The Qube is a very lightweight powerful amp. 450W into 4 ohm. Active & passive inputs, bass, treble & middle knobs with contour switches plus the MLO system. This boosts the frequency range you select without boosting the volume.

The Taurus Slimline 112 & 210 Cabinets.

Taurus TUX BL Compressor & ZEBU Reverb/Delay pedals.

Bass player out there. I URGE you to check this gear out. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.