Wednesday, 4 May 2016

New eBook OUT NOW

My new eBook is available to buy now from the online book store. 

This new project 'Developing Songo Bass' will take you through the various styles & influences that go into the concept of Songo. 

Son Montuno
Cha Cha Cha

I present 50 X 8 bar bass tumbaos along with the Clavé patterns. 

Get it now at 

Monday, 7 March 2016

New eBook in production.

Hi folks. 

My new eBook 'Harmonic Patterns for the Bassist' (working title) is in production at the moment......

My thinking in writing this book is to give aspiring bassists and experienced bassists something to practice and think about. When practicing in order for it to be effective you must always think about what you're playing. The exercises in this book are designed to help you do precisely that. 

I'll keep you posted on it's progress. 

Thanks for reading and your continued interest & support. 

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Bass Workshop Volume 2. OUT NOW.

Hello All.

Too all that have purchased the eBook 'Bass Workshop Volume1' I'd like to say a huge "Thank You".

I'm pleased to announce that my new eBook 'Bass Workshop Volume 2' is available now from the online bookstore.

In this second volume I cover:

  • The Basics Revisited. (Fingerboard Knowledge, Standard Notation).
  • Harmonic Exercises (Finger Independence, Chord Tones with extended harmony, Approach notes, Major & minor 10th patterns).
  • Improvisation & Soloing tools.
  • Solo Examples.
  • Bass Line Development.
  • Muted Bass Lines.
  • Using A Pick.
  • Technique.
  • Slapping & Popping.
  • Bass Duets.
  • Advanced Reading.
  • Rhythm Reading.
  • The Musical Toolbox Principle.
  • Web Links & Information.
  • Plus MUCH MUCH More.

The eBook is over 180 pages of musical examples and exercises designed to improve your playing and musicianship at the same time. If you would like to purchase this then please visit the SGM bookstore. eBook only available at the moment but hard copies will be available soon if the demand is high enough. 

Prices are:

Bass Workshop Volume 1 - eBook (PDF Download) - £6.00 GBP
Bass Workshop Volume 2 - eBook (PDF Download) - £9.00 GBP

Get the books here: 

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Bass Transcription JOSIE from AJA Steely Dan.

Hi All.

I thought I'd share with you a transcription I did of one of my all time favourite bass lines.

Josie by Steely Dan. This features on the AJA album (1977). The bass player on this album is the great Chuck Rainey with Jim Keltner on drums. What a team!

The bass part was actually written out on the session by Walter Becker and he doubles the bass line on guitar. According to Donald Fagen the wanted the "TV cop show sound"........

I hope you enjoy it. If you've never heard it before, I URGE you to search it out. VERY funky & VERY musical.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bass Workshop

Hi All.

Sales of the new e-Book BASS WORKSHOP are going very well indeed. It's selling all over the world and is very satisfying to know that bass players are interested in learning music and getting better on their instrument.

Learning music will do this for you. The book is all rudimentary knowledge of skills you will need to function as a pro bassist and make the transition to 'Musician'. Covering topics such as:

  • Reading standard notation NO TAB.
  • Understanding harmony and the way it works.
  • Chord tones and major & minor inversions.
  • Bass line construction.
  • Bass styles & chart geography.
  • Following a chord chart.
  • Tumbao lines & exercises.
  • Beat placement, playing with the kick drum.
  • Soloing ideas using chord tones and alternate rhythms.
  • Rhythmical awareness.

I have purposely not gone deep into any of the subjects mentioned above as I urge you to dig deeper for yourself. The book is priced at £5.00. At over 60 pages, it's an absolute bargain. Here is a testimonial of BASS WORKSHOP by guitarist and head of guitar at Tech music schools London UK and Guitar Magazine columnist John Wheatcroft......

"Simon Gouding’s abilities as both world-class bass player and top-rate musician are clearly evident to all that have had the pleasure to see and hear him play. Looking through his new book, Bass Workshop, I can safely say that he can add the skills of effortless communicator and natural educator to his impressive CV. This book guides the serious student through a range of effective exercises, etudes and pieces that are both fluent and cohesive, with a clear sense of progression guided along the way with appropriate words of wisdom. This all adds up to a significant body of study that has true musical relevance and is inspirational and self-rewarding…." John Wheatcroft

Click the button below to buy 'BASS WORKSHOP'

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


The 1st album was released in 2010. Here is the title track 'Familia' mixed without bass. You can download the track from SoundCloud and also copy the charts over and print them.

My main influence when recording the bass part on this was the great Cuban band Los Van Van. Merging a Funk feel with a Songo feel. The solo's go into more of a funk feel. All the chord changes are written on the lead sheet as are the main bass figures. The bass I used on the session was my Yamaha TRB5.

I supply the lead sheet rather that giving you the complete bass part because I thought it would be good for you to come up with your own bass lines. 

Download the mp3 here.

Familia NO BASS MP3

Here are the JPEG images of the chart.

Buy the album Familia from CD Baby.

I hope you enjoy this......

Sunday, 23 February 2014

New E-Book Bass Workshop.

Hi Peeps.

The new E-Book is available now.

Rudimentary musical training for the bassist who wants to make the transition to 'Musician'. With standard notation reading NO TAB. Bass line construction, reading bass lines, styles, understanding harmony, soloing ideas, beat placement, Cuban tumbao exercises, rhythmical awareness, Clavé patterns, chart geography introducing a more musical way of thinking into your bass playing. 

You will get the complete PDF download for £5.00. Ideal for iPad and eReaders plus you can simply print out your own book.

To buy the book please click below.

Buy Bass Workshop Here

You can check out some page previews here on the left. My aim for this book is help you become a more musical bass player. I have purposely not dove too deeply into each subject as I really urge you to discover more about each subject for yourself. I have merely scratched the surface here but hopefully given you enough information for you to practise and inspire you to dig much much deeper for yourself.

I've always been a massive believer in learning the FACTS of music in order to get better on your instrument. In this book I present the facts of music, Nothing more. The language you need to know to function as a professional bassist. The information you are expected to know to play  effective bass parts and get hired as a musician. Harmonic language, Reading notation, rhythmic awareness, style examples, transposition, improvising, introduction to soloing and playing in a more musical way.

Thanks for checking it out. Please feel free to contact me or comment on any of these things. 

All the very best,