Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bass Workshop

Hi All.

Sales of the new e-Book BASS WORKSHOP are going very well indeed. It's selling all over the world and is very satisfying to know that bass players are interested in learning music and getting better on their instrument.

Learning music will do this for you. The book is all rudimentary knowledge of skills you will need to function as a pro bassist and make the transition to 'Musician'. Covering topics such as:

  • Reading standard notation NO TAB.
  • Understanding harmony and the way it works.
  • Chord tones and major & minor inversions.
  • Bass line construction.
  • Bass styles & chart geography.
  • Following a chord chart.
  • Tumbao lines & exercises.
  • Beat placement, playing with the kick drum.
  • Soloing ideas using chord tones and alternate rhythms.
  • Rhythmical awareness.

I have purposely not gone deep into any of the subjects mentioned above as I urge you to dig deeper for yourself. The book is priced at £5.00. At over 60 pages, it's an absolute bargain. Here is a testimonial of BASS WORKSHOP by guitarist and head of guitar at Tech music schools London UK and Guitar Magazine columnist John Wheatcroft......

"Simon Gouding’s abilities as both world-class bass player and top-rate musician are clearly evident to all that have had the pleasure to see and hear him play. Looking through his new book, Bass Workshop, I can safely say that he can add the skills of effortless communicator and natural educator to his impressive CV. This book guides the serious student through a range of effective exercises, etudes and pieces that are both fluent and cohesive, with a clear sense of progression guided along the way with appropriate words of wisdom. This all adds up to a significant body of study that has true musical relevance and is inspirational and self-rewarding…." John Wheatcroft

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